Zoom Policy – Presentation Rules of Attendance

The L.E.A.F Project educates, forms and mentor leaders and individual groups, especially young people, within Presentation Brothers family and beyond. The L.E.A.F Project provides faith formation opportunities, with a particular thrust towards developing lay leaders in Church and society. It also supports and co-ordinate the education of young Presentation Brothers and young lay leaders in West Africa.

The LEAF Project primarily uses Zoom for presentations provided by the L.E.A.F. Project.
These rules of attendance apply to all registered participants in any L.E.A.F. presentation provided over Zoom (Participants).

Please note that all Zoom presentations will be recorded and may be posted to our website.
Participants may not make audio or visual recordings of the presentations in any medium. Only the L.E.A.F. Project Presenter/Facilitator may do so, after warning participants to give them an opportunity to opt out.

Joining a Zoom programme

All presentations should be accessed using your individual log-in details which will have been emailed to you prior to the presentation.

Each Participant must log in individually to Zoom and remain logged in for the entire presentation.
Please ensure you enter your full name and correct email address for identification purposes. These details should match those used to register for the presentation.

During the Presentation


Please communicate openly with respect and consideration for others, valuing a diversity of views and opinions.

Confidentiality must be maintained when discussing work related experiences/activities and in line with professional codes of conduct and guidelines.

There will be a zero-tolerance policy adopted for any offensive, threatening or inappropriate communication. A participant may be asked to leave or will be removed from the session if they engage in any inappropriate conduct.


As you enter the Zoom session your microphone will be muted and your camera will be switched off.
Turn on your video when possible. It is helpful to be able to see each other, just as in an in-person presentation. If you have limited internet bandwidth or no webcam, it is ok to not use video.
Be mindful of others in your remote location who may not wish to be visible or recorded in the background.

Ensure sensitive conversations cannot be overheard or work observed.

Any screen sharing activity during a Zoom presentation must be in line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Before screen sharing, close all applications, emails and documents that you will not use in the presentation.


Mute your microphone when you are not talking. This helps eliminate background noise.
Use a headset when possible. This improves audio quality.

Be in a quiet place when possible.


Participant will be admitted from a Waiting Room, so that only those invited can join the meeting.
You are not permitted to share Zoom presentation details / log-ins with anyone who has not registered for the Presentation.

The presentation will be locked once all Participants are admitted, so that no one else can join.

Further information or additional rules may be provided at the start of the presentation by the Presenter.

Participant’s attention is also drawn to our Privacy Notice, which is available on https://leafprojectpb.com/