From 29 June, Churches will begin to hold public Masses again. Parishes and dioceses are putting huge preparations into making sure this can be done safely and in line with public health guidelines.

Public Masses will begin gradually and with smaller numbers at first, in line with social distancing directives.

Most parishes will need help with stewarding, reading, Ministers of the Eucharist, general preparation of the Church and cleaning etc.

In pre-Covid days, much of this work was done, on a voluntary basis, by people who will not now be in a position to do so, due to age or health issues.

The Irish Bishops have asked younger Catholics to volunteer to help with the start up of public Masses (see article below).

This is an appeal to YOUNG ADULTS in the L.E.A.F. network. If you can spare some time, please volunteer to help in your local parish. If your own parish has enough helpers, volunteer in a neighbouring parish.

You don’t have to be a regular Churchgoer to respond to this appeal. All help is welcome! It is an invitation to make a contribution to your local community and to engage with the Church as it seeks to serve the spiritual and material needs of people. You might find that you will also gain a lot yourself from the experience of volunteering!

Parents and/or grandparents in the L.E.A.F. network/Presentation Family, might also consider encouraging their YOUNG ADULT children/grandchildren to volunteer.

Many thanks for your kind consideration of this appeal.

Calls for younger Catholic volunteers to help start Masses in churches again